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From the Archives: ‘Star Wars’ Fan Fiction

As I write this, my 6 year old nephew Jack is playing Lego Star Wars on PlayStation 3.

He’s joyously destroying Stormtroopers with the help of Lego Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber. He often tells me what’s going to happen in the game as if I haven’t watched the original trilogy a million times. Every now and again, he’ll let me play if he gets stuck on a task, but for the most part, I’m relegated to watching him live out my childhood in digital Lego form. When I was a kid, my brother’s and I simulated lightsabers by wrapping colored electrical tape around yellow Wiffle ball bats. We’d stage epic duels in our backyard and get lost in the fantasy that we were part of the Star Wars universe. Not too long ago, my brother Patrick and I were shopping for our nieces and nephews and came across plastic lightsabers that look like the real thing. Did we open them up and have a fight right there in the store? Yes, yes we did.

I think we even bought them for later use. Inspired by all this nerd nostalgia, I dug through my personal archives and found the Star Wars fan fiction I wrote in the 7th grade. I was not disappointed.

Now the official poster for video game playing at my brother Tom's house.
Chaos at Yavin 5

A small starfleet moved across the darkness of space.

It was headed for a destination only known by its leader. He moved across the bridge of his command ship and stared out into space. The fifth planet of Yavin loomed in front of him. His green lips smiled, as the ships made their way through space.


Dan Ford awoke from his Jedi sleeping trance to a loud banging noise. Ford’s copilot Josh Fardreamer was already working on the problem. Ford stretched out and let his eyes adjust to the light.

“So Josh, what’s up?”

“Looks like we’ve got a call coming in from Sector 120A,” Fardreamer said, trying to get the telecommunicator to work and glaring at Ford with his blue/purple eyes.

“You should really have this thing looked at.”

“The only mechanic I trust with the Thunderbird is me,” Ford said giving the device a hard tap and leaned back to watch the message. A well-built man wearing a crown of unparalleled beauty appeared.

“Jedi Knight, I am King Rolling Star III, ruler of the fifth planet of Yavin. Our planet has been bombarded by an alien race, led by a murderous villain named Skylark. He has set up a blockade around the planet, and has destroyed two ships trying to assist us. We would be honored if you would help us stop the madness of Skylark.” The king ended his speech and let the fair-skinned Jedi make his move.

“Sir, we would be honored to assist you and your people fight this villain,” Ford replied, his voice as calm as ever.

“We shall be waiting,” the king said ending his transmission.

Ford started to warm up his ship’s engines. Before Josh had a chance to argue, Ford sent the ship hurtling into lightspeed.

Hours later, the Thunderbird dropped out of hyperspace just ahead of the Yavin system.

“Which planet is it?” Fardreamer asked, his purple eyes wide. “I don’t think we need to ask,” Ford said pointing.

Yavin 5 was almost completely blocked out by ships. Ford, not looking phased, moved his ship forward.

“You got a pass?” An alien voice boomed into the cockpit.

“No, but you will let me through to the planet,” the Jedi said using the Force to control the guard’s mind.

“Don’t worry about the pass, just move along.”

The guard ships of the blockade then revealed a pathway to the planet. As Ford and Fardreamer entered the atmosphere, they let out the breaths they had been holding. A lush forest sprinkled with temples came into view.

“Which landing pad did he say?” Fardreamer asked.

“His personal landing station at his castle,” the Jedi replied. The ship moved through the yellow clouds as they headed toward their destination. The ship then made a smooth landing.

“Ah, Jedi Ford, thank you for coming. This is my daughter Crystal,” King Rolling Star III said as the pair exited the Thunderbird. The king had brown hair that fell down to his shoulders, and still had on the crown of great beauty.

“Let’s get down to business,” the princess said diplomatically.

“We are not a warlike country, but we did manage to break through the blockade and borrow old supplies from the old Rebel Alliance base on Yavin 4,” said the king.

“Let’s round up some of your people and teach them how to fly those ships,” Ford said.

Since the people were eager to learn, the training only took two days. When Ford and the rest of his makeshift fleet were in the air, he commanded them to open fire. The battle had begun.

“King Star, don’t go that far…” An explosion cut off Ford’s scream.

The princess, who was flying with the Jedi and Fardreamer, started screaming. Fardreamer cradled her in his arms as the battle continued.

“I found Skylark’s personal ship,” Ford said using the Force. He continued his pursuit and fired a laser the ship. The villain’s ship spun out of control and flew off into deep space. The members of his fleet saw this and followed suit.

Cheers rang up toward the ships as they landed back on the planet. A huge celebration was had and it went long into the night. Ford and Fardreamer prepared to leave in the morning.

“Dan, I have one last surprise,” Fardreamer said, pointing to the ship’s nameplate. The Thunderbird had become the Crystal Star.

Ford smiled and said, “Come on Josh, let’s get out of here before we do any more damage.”

The Crystal Star hovered into orbit and then sped off.


Far out in the universe, Skylark’s ship burned. The alien stepped out of the flames and smiled. He moved away from the ship and let it burn. Now the official poster of video game night at my brother Tom’s house.

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