Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Look Back: The Life of Daniel F. Ford
Chapter 5: My Family

I combed through my personal archives to get a sense of the person I was in order to understand the person I am. I unearthed an autobiography I was assigned to write in the 8th grade. For the next several weeks, I’ll be publishing each chapter of the book.

Now I come to describe the most important part of my life. I think we are both different and alike compared to other families. The main reason we are different is because it’s the 1990s and a lot of families are splitting up, but we are still together. We are like most families because we have problems and conflicts and sometimes work them out.

My Mom and Dad are very important people in my life.

Ma and Pa Ford
First, let me describe my Mom. Her full name is Gail Ann Ford. Her maiden name is Blanchette. She has light brownish hair with blue eyes. She’s about 5 feet tall.

We have a great relationship. There are of course times when we want to strangle each other (editorial note: pretty sure that feeling was pretty one-sided), but that’s pretty normal I guess. She has a great personality. She laughs at my jokes even when they aren’t funny (editorial note: which they never were and still aren't) and comforts me when I’m sick. I’m a momma’s boy, so when I was little I was always by her side. As I said earlier, my first day of nursery school was a disaster.

My mother works for three lung doctors and is a receptionist. She loves to read in her spare time and likes to cook. She loves to decorate. You should see our house at Christmas. Most of the house is covered with decorations. So now you know a little about my Mom.

Mom and me at the Rockefeller Christmas tree
Now, on to my Dad. What a guy! He’s about 5 feet 8 inches tall with light-ish brown hair with a few strands of gray—which I am now teasing him about. He has brown eyes and a potbelly—which I also tease him about (editorial note: I’ll be accepting my greatest son ever award…never).

He is just one big sensitive lug. Usually, when you wanted something you went to Dad and he’d respond, “Sure!” Now, he’s getting smarter. He’ll reply, “Well, did you ask your mother?”

My favorite thing about my Dad is that he’s a Yankees fan. He says that besides our home, Yankee Stadium is his favorite place in the world.

My Dad and I have a great relationship. We also make fun of each other—good-naturedly of course (editorial note: you know, like ripping on his age and weight in something my eighth grade teacher read). He never gets really mad unless I do something really bad (editorial note: like the time I almost failed out of sixth grade because of giving the girls in my class more attention than my school work).

He’s a manager for Edwards. The most vivid memory of my Dad and I has to be when I would pull on his key chain in my baby roller seat while he was eating dinner (editorial note: the keys were on a retractable chain, so they would snap back viciously when I would pull the chain and let go).

My Dad and me at one of my younger brother Patrick's Little League games.
I have two brothers who are like best friends. My younger brother Patrick Ryan Ford is 7-years-old and is in the third grade. I also have a 20-year-old brother named Thomas David Ford who has just started his third year at the University of New Hampshire. Tom, who I don’t get to see much, is a gruff guy (editorial note: As I recall, Tom took offense to this back then—and probably will again given the reminder). He acts tough, but is just like my Dad on the inside. Tom and I are great buddies and I hope it stays that way.

Tom and me after running the 2011 Hartford Half-Marathon (He ran the 5K).
My brother Patrick is just the opposite. He’s a wide-eyed questioning 7-year-old boy. He’s a great baseball player, but needs to work on his losing. Patrick is funny, but very annoying at the same time (editorial note: Thanksgiving should be fun this year). I am very close to both of my brothers. We stick up for each other and are great friends to boot.

Patrick and me having a moment before my senior prom.
I do not pick favorites among my relatives. I will however choose the one who I am closet to. I am very close to my Aunt Cathy Sadowsky. She is just like my Grandma Cassidy. She spoils me and my brothers rotten. When we sleep over her house, we could bring nothing and come back with a trunk load of stuff. No matter what the price, she will buy anything from our school fundraisers. She takes us a bunch of places, especially Pizza Hut for lunch. I love her and thank her greatly for her knowledge and wisdom.

Aunt Cathy and me
Christmas Eve 2010
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