Wednesday, October 17, 2012

20 Tweets From Last Night’s Presidential Debate

I get a little peeved when people, pundits, and politicians say that the country has never been so politically divided or rancorous than it is now.

However, until a member of Congress is caned on the floor of the House or Senatelike Charles Sumner was by Preston Brooks in 1856—then I maintain that we’ve experienced much more harrowing political times.

However, it certainly looked like President Obama and Mitt Romney were close to coming to blows in last night’s Presidential debate. It was refreshing to see two politicians who clearly hate each other sparring off in a debate rather than a boring recitation of sound bites (which of course they worked in, but still).

The real winner to me was Candy Crowley, the moderator from CNN. She redeemed journalists after Jim Lehrer’s comatose performance in the first debate. Thanks for making me proud of my degree Ms. Crowley!

I spent the majority of the debate on Twitter trying to keep up with the informed, witty, and inspired banter on my newsfeed. Here are 20 tweets I thought were worth sharing. 

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