Sunday, March 11, 2012

14 Cool Photos From Back Home in Connecticut

Photos are big in my family.

The walls in my parent’s house in Connecticut are covered with photos of grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, tantes, s’onks (don’t ask), nieces, nephews, and family pets. Each brother has his own wall in family room—which are now being taken over by both my younger and older brother’s kids—and my mother has shelves and boxes devoted to old photo albums of the rest of the family.

Its in that spirit that I decided to indulge a nostalgia trip and compile some of my favorite photos from the past couple of years—starting with this blog that focuses on my recent visits to Connecticut.


Hiking with older brother Tom in Macedonia State Park in Kent, Conn., in 2010.
Great scenic vistas on this hike.

View of my Aunt Kathy's lake. This was taken during my grandmother's 90th birthday party in August 2010.
Nothing better than doing yard work with my pops.
The green, green grass of home. The next generation takes a swing!
The early morning sky during the 27th Annual Simsbury Fly-In. I was helping out Patrick who was handing out information about the C5 that flew over the event.
Sweet color, sweet plane.
Pictures don't convey how blue the sky was that day. These planes cutting across it provided quite the contrast. 
My brother and I thought this guy was going to land on our heads.
My future car.
Best. Hubcap. Ever.
Badass tractor at a small farm down the street from my parent's house.
Moved my Uncle Bobby into his new house just before this storm knocked out power in Connecticut for a week.

Bonus: Cool Videos of a Blackhawk Helicopter Landing  

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